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IG: @wulffvnky
Esteban AKA Pops or Wulffvnky is an Oakland based artist from Sacramento CA. He uses all types of mediums but his bread and butter is charcoal/pastel. The inspiration for Pop's work is based on his trials and tribulations as a youth as well as family and old school music/pop culture. He tries to display complete emotional transparency through his work in hopes that his viewers can relate to the ups and downs of his life. Pop's goal is to spark the conversations for mental health awareness and to bring together different cultural backgrounds.
DJ Toure
IG: @djtourehiero
Toure “DJ Toure” Duncan is a renowned producer, DJ, and drummer from Oakland, CA. Beginning with Hieroglyphics, Toure has been instrumental in creating and evolving the Bay Area’s distinctively bass-heavy sound.
Toure was born and raised in the Oakland hills where music was abundant and turnt up at home, at church, and after-school. Free time turned into drum lessons, piano lessons, and a lasting passion for production. Toure grew up with Casual and the Hiero crew, their mutual love for hip-hop turned into performing at parties and showcases. He has been the official DJ for the legendary collective since day one.
Toure continues to tour and produce records for Casual, Hieroglyphics, and other artists. As a producer, Toure is both mentor and contender. His sound is a vibe, his catalog is bonafide, his hard drive is full of surprises. Seek and you shall find.
DJ Toure’s first solo album Toure’s Theory dropped in 2013 to critical acclaim. His much-anticipated album The Thesis will be released via Hiero Imperium and 101Percent Music.
Toure collaborates with a rich roster of emerging and established artists via his production company 101Percent Music. Toure and 101Percent are committed to incubating new talent, worldwide.
Damion X
YouTube: Damion X UNPLUGGED
IG: @itsdsquare  
Born in Alabama, Damion moved to California in 2010 shortly after being expelled from high school. The move was, not only to leave a poverty stricken area with little to no opportunities, but more importantly to step outside of his comfort zone to find out who he really was, and what he was truly capable of in his life. 
Damion is a former Board member of the San Francisco State University Black Student Union, and former Co-President of the BSU at Santa Rosa Junior College. In 2013, he led an initiative to re-establish the Black Student Union that had been dormant for over 10yrs. The BSU went on to build a classroom in Tanzania, Africa after raising over $18,000 in two semesters at SRJC. In his last year, Damion would later develop a free food program for financially stricken student athletes.
Damion is currently at San Francisco State University completing a double-major in Africana Studies and Media Studies. One of his goals is to weaponize Hip-Hop, and utilize it to uplift, empower, and inspire marginalized people in general, but Black and Brown youth in particular. 
You can find Damion's music on all digital platforms under his name Damion Square. 
Revolutionary, political propaganda Hip-Hop with a conscious!
Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith
IG: @wolfe_.pack
Immersed in fringe cultures, fascinated by science and ancient mystics, an avid traveler, and of African-American and Jewish heritage, her subject matter never settles in one place. Applying mediums with palette knife aerosol oil crayon, and brush, her focus and applications constantly evolve through each body of work. Spending her summers as a large scale muralist, her studio work is sometimes influenced by elements of graffiti and street art. She has been hosted as a muralist at events in the US, Costa Rica, and Australia, and her works have been displayed in galleries throughout California, Oregon, New York, and Miami. Wolfe-Goldsmith  currently lives and works in Oakland, CA.
Kiss My Black Arts
IG: @kissmyblackarts
We are a well-organized community of artists who teach and demonstrate aspects of cultural expression through our art. We, the collective, should work together to have an overall agenda and help other artists sell their work. We provide education within the collective. We do not practice racism or sexism. We are not a single voice community. We produce art that fosters freedom of expression and speech to the push for social reform and demonstrate equitable sustainability. We exemplify each other in all areas of creativity.
We make art that doesn’t rely on supremacy or capitalism to exist.
We Create art that articulates the realities of living in an unjust society. We Create art that envisions liberty for the unjust. We dismiss the parameters of defining creativity. We are artists that dismantle all stereotypes. We organize art shows and creative projects in our hoods.


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